Who we are: The Moellering Lab is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists with training in chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and mass spectrometry. We are uniquely situated in both the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago - thus figuratively and physically bridging the physical and biological sciences. 

What we do: Research in the Moellering Lab lies at the interface of chemistry and biology, with an eye towards understanding and intervening in human disease. By integrating chemical synthesis, cell biology and mass spectrometry platforms, our research aims to identify novel biological mechanisms underlying diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and to subsequently develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to impact these disorders. We are specifically interested in developing new chemical tools and technologies to study complexity and dynamics in the proteome, thus enabling targeted manipulation of protein targets and the pathways they govern. 

Lab News and Announcements

Open Positions: The Moellering Lab is seeking interdisciplinary researchers at the postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate level. Check out our recent publications, as well as active areas of research, and contact us about current opportunities in the lab.

May 2019: Well-deserved congratulations to Dr. Gihoon Lee, recipient of the first PhD awarded in the Moellering Lab!! 

May 2019: New paper highlighting the power of using spatially resolved proteomics and metabolomics with patient samples to identify a new metabolic target in cancer associated fibroblasts is out in Nature! Great work by Jae and Gang our lab in collaboration with Lengyel, Mann and colleagues!

April 2019: Ray's presenting some of our forthcoming work on peptide and protein therapeutics at the Drug Discovery Chemistry Meeting in San Diego. 

February 2019: Gang's paper on benchtop synthesis of antibody-oligo and protein-oligo conjugates is out in ChemBioChem

January 2019: The lab continues to grow with new chemistry graduate students Anthony Carlos and Kavya Pillai. Welcome!

October 2018: Our paper on reactive metabolite signaling between glycolysis and the KEAP1-NRF2 pathway is online! Congrats to Gihoon, Jae and John and our collaborators at Scripps! Check out the paper and UChicago story.

September 2018: All modifications are not created equal: our paper on DBHA profiling of labile phosphoaspartate modifications is out in Angew. Chem. Congrats Jae, Gihoon and Jeff!

September 2018: First Annual Moellering Lab retreat is in the books. Great time hearing about everyone's science and relaxing on the shores of Lake Michigan!!

June 2018: Abby Estes has been awarded a Biological Chemistry fellowship to support her undergraduate research. Congrats, Abby!

May 2018: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Tom Speltz!!

February 2018: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Shay Fathi and cancer biology graduate student Chris Lee!

January 2018: Congrats to Gihoon and our collaborators in the Lewis Lab on our paper in Nat. Chem. describing new strategies to evolve and evaluate ArMs!

December 2017: Ray has been awarded a Catalyst Award from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium. Thanks for supporting our work!

November 2017: Congrats to Gang, Jeff and Jae on their first ADPL paper detailing a new platform to probe the proteome at high resolution!

October 2017: The American Cancer Society has awarded Ray a Research Scholar Grant to support our work in cancer!! 

October 2017: Ray has been awarded the NIH Director's New Innovator Award!! Thanks to the NIH for supporting high-risk, high-reward research!

September 2017: Congrats to Jeff, Gang and our collaborators on their paper establishing the first inhibitors of RAB GTPases!


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